Welcome to Nirvana Training and Development Corporate Consulting



As an organisation with over 20 years' experience in Computer Based and Softskills  Training, we are committed to your success. 

So how do we fulfill that commitment? By helping people get the most out of their computer software and help turn the "if only" into reality. We work with organisations of all sizes and individuals who want to become more productive using their computers through knowledge and best practice. 

We listen to your objectives, tailor the topics into workshops and work the applications around your needs rather than the other way around. In a timely manner, we help you overcome the challenges you sometimes face with knowledge management. 

We offer practical solutions taken from our years of experience in the industry and apply these best practices so that you have the skill to overcome obstacles with precision to a speedy resolution. You enhance your productivity and save valuable time wondering about if only...

We specialise in providing:

  • Computer Based courses
  • In-house, tailor made management training courses
  • Personal Development Skills
  • Management & Leadership Development Programs
  • Corporate and Executive Coaching
  • Business Skills Training


To empower people to become the best they can by using the correct tools for the job.  

It is our aim to ensure this by working together and listening to your requirements; gaining a clear understanding of your business and key objectives; and helping you become more productive by incorporating best practices.

We pride ourselves on having a great, supportive network of Training Consultants, with a wide variety of skills to help assist in meeting your needs.  Our commitment to you and our mission is to be professional, flexible, of great value and maintain high standards to ensure we deliver excellent training.



Our team of highly skilled and experienced Facilitators and Technical consultants have all had distinguished careers in their field of expertise and bring with them a wealth of practical experience.

At Nirvana Training we will design and deliver a solution that suits your specific needs addressing the issues and requirements from your training brief that best fits your culture, learning style and way of working.

Our programmes are delivered when and where you need them!

We believe that training should be fun, highly interactive and provide "real world" practical techniques and methods that you can applyin the office.


Nirvana Training is a South African Level 1 B-BBEE company with our Head Office in Johannesburg.

"What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of  others that will determine the significance of the life we lead". - Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (1918-2013)